San Pedro Patron Saint Fiesta 2024 EuroTourGuide Coach Tours
There will be lots of events to enjoy in San Pedro del Pinatar during the summer of 2024. The programme for the Feria and Fiestas includes all of the exhibitions, sporting competitions, concerts, parades, markets and much, much more. It is all detailed in Spanish in the brochure below the translated version of the more major events.
Saturday 15th June
22:00 Opening Speeches for the Summer Fiestas and the presentation of the Fiesta Queen candidates in the Parque de la Aduana
Sunday 16th June
21:00 Election and Coronation of the Fiesta Queens in the Parque de la Aduana.
Sunday 23rd June
00:00 Burning of the San Juan Bonfire in the Carpark on Avda. Artero Guirao
Friday 28th June
21:00 Fruit Offering Parade in honour of the patron saint San Pedro Apostol. Route: Plaza Luis Molina, Avda. Artero Guirao, Calle Cabanellas, Calle Grabiel Canadas, Calle Baron de Benifayo, Calle Reyes Catolicos, Avda. Artero Guirao, Avda. Santiago, Avda. Del Pilar finishing at the Iglesia de la Santisima Trinidad.
Saturday 29th June
08:00 Diana, early morning parade, through the streets of San Pedro del Pintara.
12:00 Solemn Mass in the Iglesia de la Santisima Trinidad.
20:30 Solemn Procession with the statue of San Pedro. Route: Leaving the Iglesia de la Santisima Trinidad, Avda. Del Pilar, Calle Santisma Trinidad, Avda. Arteroa Guirao, Calle Cabanellas, Calle Graviel Canadas, Calle Reye Catolicos finishing in the Plaza de la Inmaculada.
22:00 Traditional Concert by the Union Musical Band in the Plaza de la Constitucion
00:00 Firework display in Avda. Del Pilar beside the church.
Sunday 30th June
10:30 29th Meeting of Horse and Carriages beside the Feria de Ganado
Sunday 7th July
20:00 Grand Parade of the Floats from the Explanada de Lo Pagan to the Ayuntamiento in San Pedro del Pinatar.