Orihuela Guided Visits July 2024 EuroTourGuide Coach Tours

There are Free Guided Visits and Walks during July 2024 in Orihuela. They will be in Spanish, but the guide norammly speaks a little English if asked. All tours require advanced reservation on this link.

Thursday 4th July 

  • 11:00 The Legacey of Miguel from the Casa Museo Miguel Hernandez
  • 20:30 Nocturnal Route, the River of Mystery from Calle Miguel de Unamuno

Saturday 6th July 

  • 11:00 The Jewish quarter and the refuge from the Plaza del Carmen

Thursday 11th July 

  • 11:00 Orihuela Medieval from the Cathedral
  • 20:00 The Sierra Buho Real is in Orihuela from the Rebate in Ctra. de Orihuela

Saturday 13th July 

  • 11:00 The corners of Miguel from the Casa Museo Miguel Hernandez

Tuesday 16th July 

  • 11:00 The Saints and Legends from the PLaza del Carmen

Thursday 18th July 

  • 19:30 The Coastal Flamenco Route from the car park at Cala Capitan

Friday 19th July 

  • 20:00 The Wild Nights of the Palm Park from the Centro de Interpretacion del Palmeral

Sunday 21st July 

  • 20:00 The Dunes of Orihuela, Last Bastion of the Protected Flora of Orihuela from Playa de la Glea

Thursday 25th July 

  • 11:00 Santiago, the Patron Saint of Spain from the Iglesia de Santiago
  • 19:30 The Okavango Oriolano, the Magic of the Herons and the Sunset from the Molino de la Ciudad

Friday 26th July 

  • 19:30 The Forsaken, the Oriolan Otter Refuge from the UMH car park

Saturday 27th July 

  • 21:30 Night of the Museum at the Museo de Arte Sacro