Benejuzar Moors & Christians Fiesta 2024 EuroTourGuide Coach Tours
The Moors and Christians Fiesta in Benejúzar will start on Saturday 4th May and continue until the 3rd June 2024. The fiesta is held every year in honour of the Patron Saint; Santisima Virgen del Rosario and includes many different events. The programme is in the brochure below and the main highlights are:


Saturday 25th May

12:00 Chupinazo (cn¡onfetti filled rocket) in the Plaza de Espana

20:00 Retreta Parade with particiaption from all of the Moors and Christians


Sunday 26th May

11:00 Flower Offering Parade

18:30 Takatac Express Race
19:30 Ribbons Race


Wednesday 29th May

21:00 Inauguration of the Cuarteles and Kabilas, parade starts from the Town Hall


Thursday 30th May

08:00 Ringing of the church bells

19:00 Solemn Corpus Christi Procession

22:00 Embajadas, re-enactment battles of the fight for the castle between the Moors and the Christians.


Friday 31st May

20:00 Moors and Christians Parade. Route: C/ Constitución, C/ Comandante Bernabé finishing in the Plaza de España


Saturday 1st June

19:00 Entrace Parade of the Music Bands from the Plaza de Espana

20:00 Spectacular Entrance Parade of the Moors and Christians. Route: C/ Constitución, C/ Comandante Bernabé, Plaza de España and Cayetano Durendez


Sunday 2nd June

21:00 Solemn Procession with the statue of the Virgen del Rosario, followed by a firework display