Alhama de Murica Los Mayos 2024 EuroTourGuide Coach Tours
The Fiesta de los Mayos will be taking place in Alhama de Murcia on the 4th and 5th May 2024. They have been declared as being of National Tourist Interest and are an interesting fiesta to visit. It is made up of three parts; the May Crosses, the Mayos Figurers and the Corremayors. The Floral Crosses and Mayos Figurers are placed in various locations around Alhama de Murcia. The Mayos Figurers are made by local people from material and stuffed with straw, many of them depict everyday life whilst others have a comic element. The Corremayors are groups of locals dressed as jesters who parade around the town having fun and adding to the fiesta atmosphere. Also included in the programme is the 40th Folklore Festival on the 28th April.
The complete programme is in the brochure below.