San Javier Folk Festival

The 30th National Folk Festival will take place in San Javier on the 21st to the 24th June 2018. The programme is:
Thursday 21st June
20:00 Inauguration of the statue on Avenida Neptuno to celebrate 50 years of the Coros y Danzas Mar Menor
Friday 22nd June
21:00 Inauguration of the Recinto Etnografico and the Gastronomico Huertano in the Plaza de Espana
21:30 Regional Folk Gala in the Plaza de Espana with the folk groups 'Villa de Alhama' and  the 'Pena Huertana El Ciazo' from Torreaguera as well as the Coros y Danzas group from the Mar Menor.

Saturday 23rd June
21:30 National and International Folk Gala in the Plaza de Espana wth foll group 'Rosalia de Castro' from Galica and 'Hajduk Stanko-Sabac' from Serbia.

Sunday 24th June
12:00 Folk Meeting with music and dancing by the group  Coros y Danzas Mar Menor along the Explanada Barnuevo in Santiago de la Ribera
San Javier 30th Folk Festival 21st-24th June 2018