About Us

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eurotourguide.com has been created by us, Jessica and David Hayes.

We met whilst working for Crystal Holidays as Resort Reps in their ski and lakes and mountains programmes in Austria, France and North America. During those eight years we worked our way up to Resort Managers, a role we both enjoyed immensely. Encouraging and helping people to get the most from their chosen holiday destinations, by learning and discovering new places was something we took very seriously.

We always had a desire to run our own travel related business and create a product which would allow us to combine all the skills we had learnt along with our never ending passion for discovery. We initially fulfilled this by setting up and successfully running a property management operation based in the Costa Blanca South of Spain. All of our clients really appreciated the Orientation Pack that we created for this area, enabling them and their visitors to find their way around from day one of their holiday.

Over the next few years we listened to our clients and their visitors and decided to write a 150 page guidebook with colour photographs, written driving instructions, gps coordinates and walking routes around the 4 major cities. When the call came from the printers to say your first book will be run off at 6pm, we knew we had to be there. It was a very special feeling to see our own book roll off the press. Then the hard work began to sell the order!!! With the help of local shops up and down the coast, a number of talks at local groups and the making of a 5 part television series with ViviaTV the Hayes Guide sold out!

The next stage of development was to put all of the information from the Hayes Guidebook – plus a whole lot more – into a website. This went live in January 2011 with the brand new brand name of EuroTourGuide. The feedback was really encouraging and positive.

The website, www.eurotourguide.com continued to grow as we added new and exciting functions like the Calendar of Events, started writing fortnightly articles for the local Coast Rider newspaper and expanded to include the Costa Blanca North and South.

Moving on, we then wrote, photographed, designed and edited the Local Area and Days Out Guidebooks for the Costa Blanca. These became available on Amazon, via Paypal and from several local stockists in April 2014.

The next major step came when, in November 2017 we were able to attain our Travel Agency Licence. Since then we have been working hard to offer a great selection of day and evening Coach Tours to local events and fiestas, as well as some exciting over night Coach Tours to special events.

Happy exploring!