Day Out Caravaca, Moratalla and Calasparra

The inland part of the province of Murcia is just as delightful and worth visiting as the coastal part. It lies within the Espuna and Revolcadores Mountains along the banks of the Segura river and has spectacular scenery. The many charming towns and villages of the area have been inhabited since prehistoric times, and there is plenty of unique culture as inland Murcia has remained relatively isolated throughout history.

This day out is designed to give you a real taste of the area, but there is so much to see and do in all three places that you can easily spend the whole day visiting only one of them. Or perhaps you can 'mix and match' these destinations with the villages of Mula, Bullas or Cehegin which you'll pass on the way to Caravaca and that make up the other day out to inland Murcia.

Caravaca, or Caravaca de la Cruz as it is properly known, is ranked amongst the top five most religious places in the world alongside Rome and Jerusalem, and is of huge religious significance to all Catholics. Moratalla is a delight to wander around with the castle providing an excellent view point and Calasparra is world famous for producing rice.

Places to stop during a day out Caravaca, Moratalla and Calasparra

  • Caravaca de la Cruz: ranked amongst the top five most religious places on earth by the catholic church this city is centred around the impressive sanctuary of the Vera Cruz.
  • Moratalla: charming town with steep, narrow twisting streets that lead up to the castle Fortaleza.
  • Calasparra: surrounded by mountains and situated on the banks of the River Segura, this town is based around the production of rice.
  • Calasparra Viewpoint: stunning views down the valley following the course of the river and in the opposite direction towards the Revolcadores Mountains.
  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Hope: an amazing ‘church’ which has been built into the cliff beside the river, the sanctuary is dedicated to the Virgin de la Esperanza. 
Where to go in Moratella Inland Murcia Spain, enjoying the narrow streets is one of many things to do and places to visit