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Mula Easter Tambores

The Easter Parades in Mula are great to enjoy if you are local to the town, but the Tambores is well worth travelling to. This year, 2019, the Tamborada will start at midnight on the evening of Tuesday the 16th April and continue for as long as they can. The Tamborada is basically a very, very big drum party which has been declared as being of National Tourist Interest.
Holy Tuesday 16th April  Martes Santo
00:00 (in the evening) La Tamborada in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The local residents dressed in their Nazarenos (easter robes) wait for the speech from the balcony of the town hall and the church bells to toll midnight and then they start to beat their drums. This continues almost without pause until they can play no more on Wednesday, finally finishing at 16:00.
Good Friday 19th April  Viernes Santo
01:00 Procession del Silencio, starting from the Parroquia de Santo Domingo.
08:00-16:00 The Tamborada (drums) resumes
19:30 Procession del Santo Entierro, starting from the Parroquia de Santo Domingo.
Easter Sunday 21st April Domingo de Pascua
08:30 Procession del Resucitado, leaving from the various churches all meeting at 10:00 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
12:00-21:00 The Tamborada (drums) resumes
Mula Easter Parades and Drums Semana Santa y Tambores 2019