Cieza Moors and Christians

The Moors and Christians will be marching in the town of Cieza for their annual Fiestas del Escudo from the 10th to the 12th May 2019. This particular Moors and Christians Fiesta is totally unique as it is the only one during which the Moors win!! It is a re-enactment of the battle which took place on the 6th April in 1477 when the Moors kept the Christian armies out and Cieza became the last Moorish stronghold in Spain. It finally fell in 1492 and Spain became a totally Catholic country.
There will also be a Medieval Market fom the 10th to the 12th May.
Friday 10th April
11:00-00:00 Medieval Market
19:30 Opening Parade
20:00 Opening speeches for the fiesta in the Plaza Mayor
20:30 Inauguration of the camps at the Balcon del Muro and the Plaza de San Bartolomé
21:15 Moorish Embassy at the Puente de Hierro
Saturday 11th April
11:00-00:00 Medieval Market
12:00 Parade of the Moors (Kabilas and the Mesnadas) from the Plaza de San Bartolomé to the Plaza de Espana
13:00 Fireworks in the Plaza de Espana
20:00 Act of La Invasion at the Puente de Hierro when the Christians tried and failed to invade Cieza
Sunday 12th April
11:00-22:00 Medieval Market
11:30 Christian Parade.
12:30 Embassy of the Christians in the Plaza de San Bartolome.
18:30 Grand Parade. Route: Plaza de San Bartolome, la Parra, Rincon de los Pinos, Larga, Buitragos, San Sebastian, Esquina del Convento, Camino de Murcia, Fuente Nazari.
Cieza Moors and Christians Fiestas del Escudo 10th-12th May 2019