Teulada Fiesta San Anton

Hundreds of pet owners will be lining up for the annual San Anton blessing of their animals in Teulada on the 18th and 19th January 2020. In accordance with tradition they will each receive three bread rolls, one of which is to be kept alongside a coin for a whole year to ensure good health for the blessed pet. The rolls are baked using a secret recipe which is meant to keep them soft.
Saturday 18th January
12:00 Parade of the Demons of San Anton from Avenida de Santa Caterina to the Plaza dels Porxes, where the bonfire is being built
13:00 Ringing of the church bells.
18:30 Parade of the Dimonis followed by the quemara (burning of the bonfire) in Plaza del Porxes
Sunday 19th January
12:00 Gathering of horses and carriages in the Placa de l’Ajuntament
12:15 Parade with the statue of San Anton finishing at the Ermita de San Vincente Ferrer
12:30 Blessing of the animals and the giving out of the traditional San Anton Rolls in the Plaza de Iglesia
Teulada San Anton 18th & 19th January 2020