Avileses is a tiny village (and I really do mean really tiny) which has found itself surrounded by golf courses and resorts. The village consists of a collection of a few streets, a couple of bars and the church. It feels much more Spanish than nearby Sucina as hardly any new properties have been built within the village, although there are plenty around on the neighbouring golf courses!

Places of interest & ideas of things to do in Avileses

  • Village Centre: small centre with a couple of cafes.

Ideas of places to twin Avileses with day or night

  • Avileses is a tiny, characterful village to take a wander around if you are visiting the area for a game of golf. It is so small it will only take a few minutes to explore, then you can relax and enjoy a coffee in one of its cafes.
  • Take a tour of the villages of this area to get a true feel for rural Murcia. Twin a visit here with a stop at Sucina, Balsicas, San Cayetano or the larger town of Torre Pacheco.
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