Yecla Fiesta Virgen del Castillo

The fiesta in honour of the Virgen del Castillo will take place in Yecla from the 6th to the 8th and on the 15th of December 2019. It has been declared as being of National Tourist Interest as it is combined with remembering a group of local solders who went to fight in the 1642 war against Cataluna. All of the soldiers returned without a scratch and so thanks is given to the Virgen. During the fiesta the townsmen dress as soldiers in formal uniform with two peaked hats and the whole celebrations involve the firing of lots of old style guns! For the complete programme in Spanish take a look at the brochure, for the simplified English version read below:
Friday 6th December
18:30 Parade along Parque de la Constitución, San Francisco, Plaza de España, Martínez Corbalán, Plaza Mayor and Concejal Sebastián Pérez where the act of Beso a la Bandera (promise of allegiance to the flag) occurs.
Saturday 7th December
09:20 The statue of the Virgen leaves the Santuario del Castillo and is slowly brought down to the Plaza Mayor where she is received by officials.
19:00 Flower Offering Parade along Calles Niño Jesús, Hospital, Cruz de Piedra, Zaplana, Francisco Castao, Maestro Mora, San José, Don Lucio, San Pascual, Parque de la Constitución, San Francisco finishing at the Basílica de la Purísima.
Sunday 8th December
18:30 Procession with the statue of the patron, music bands and the firing of many blunderbuss from the Basilica along Calles Juan Ortuño, Pintor Aguirre, Niño Jesús, Hospital, Placeta de Ortega, España, Iberia, San Antonio, Rambla y San José ending in the Plaza de San Cayetano for a firework display.
Sunday 15th December
10:00 The act of the Minerva at the Basílica de la Purísima with a lot of firing of the blunderbuss.
17:30 The statue of the Virgen begins the journey back up to the Santuario del Castillo, along Martínez Corbalán, Plaza Mayor and the Plaza Concejal Sebastián Perez, her arrival is followed by a firework display.
Yecla Fiesta of the Virgen del Castillo 6th-8th & 15th December 2019