San Javier Fiesta San Francisco

San Javier will be celebrating its patron saints fiesta in honour of San Francisco from the 22nd November to the 8th December 2019. There are many events planned such as the coronation of the fiesta queens, concerts, processions, fancy dress parade and fireworks. The major events are:
Friday 22nd November
21:00 Opening speech for the fiesta in the Plaza de Espana.
Saturday 23rd November
22:00 Election of the Teenage Fiesta Queens at the Carpa Municipal Recinto de Penas.
Sunday 24th November
18:00 Election of the Children Fiesta Queens at the Carpa Muicipal Recinto de Penas.
Friday 29th November
21:00 Inauguration of the Recinto Ferial.
Tuesday 3rd December
13:00 Concert by the Academia General de Aire and the Stella Maris Bjork Choir in the Parque Almansa Auditorium
19:00 Procession in honour of San Francisco, followed by a firework display in the Plaza de Espana.
Sunday 8th December
13:00 Free tasting of the traditional Pastel de Cierza in the Plaza de Espana.
16:30 Carnival and Fancy Dress Parade from Plaza Espana along Avda. Aviación Espanola
00:00 Traca (large rocket) to mark the end of the fiesta in the Parque Almansa
San Javier Fiesta in honour San Francisco Javier 22nd November - 8th December 2019