Murcia Moors and Christians Fiesta

The Moors and Christians Fiesta will take place in the city of Murcia from the 9th to the 16th September 2019. The fiesta forms part of the Murcia Feria and commemorates the Moorish occupation of the area from 700 to 1400 AD. The full programme, in Spanish, is in the brochure below and the highlights are:
Monday 9th September
20:15 Moors and Christians gather in the Plaza de la Cruz for the Opening Speeches in the Teatro Romea
22:30 Inauguration of the Moors and Christians Camps in the Jardin del Malecon and the Medieval Market along the Paseo del Malecón
Friday 13th September
20:30 Moors and Christians Parade from Calle de la Merced to the Glorieta, for the act of Welcoming the Fiesta from the Balcony of the Town Hall.
Saturday 14th September
12:00 Moors and Christians informal parade through the streets of the city.
20:00 Grand Entrance Parade of the Moors and Christians from the Jardin de Floridablanca along Jardínde Floridablanca, Plaza de Camachos, Puente Viejo, Plazade Martínez Tornel, Gran Via, Plaza Fuensanta, Avenida de la Constitución.
Sunday 15th September
19:00 Moors and Christians Parade with the Firing of their Blunderbus Guns from the Plaza. San Agustín along Plaza de San Agustín, Calle Juan de la Cierva, Calle Pintor Sobejano, Calle Arocas, Plano de San Francisco, Avda Teniente Flomesta to the Plaza Cruz Roja.
21:00 The Embassy for the Foundation of Murcia in the Plaza del Belluga.
Monday 16th September
20:30 Moors and Christians Parade with the statue of the Virgen. Route: C/ Acisclo Díaz, Gran Vía Salzillo, Plaza de Martínez Tornel, Calle Maestro Alons, C/ San Patricio finishing in the Plaza Belluga.
22:00 Moors and Christians Embassy in the Plaza Belluga, followed by a parade with the statue of the Virgen de la Fuensanta to the Campamento Medieval.
Murcia Moors and Christians Fiesta 9th-16th September 2019