Bullas Artisan Market

This market is held on the 1st Sunday of every month in the centre of the old town and is known as the 'El Zacatín' Craft Market. It is a themed craft market with demonstrations of a different craft each month. The market is located in the Plaza Vieja and Plaza del Castillo from 09:00-14:00. More information is on the official website.

  • January: traditional music and making of the
  • February: recreation of a medieval market
  • March: the wine and food feast
  • April: discovery of the natural fragrances & distillation of aromatic plants
  • May: demonstration of esparto grass work
  • June: Baroque craft market
  • July: carpenters create handmade wood pieces whilst enjoying the cuerva (wine and peach)
  • August: ceramics craftmen show their acient skill whilst enjoying the cuerva (wine and peach)
  • September: demonstration of spinning, weaving and bobbin lace
  • October: grape pressing and sharing of the juice
  • November: goats milking and cheese making
  • December: handmade loacl Christmas sweets
Bullas El Zacatin Monthly Market 1st Sunday of each month
Points of Interest: