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Barranda Cuadrillas

Barranda will be hosting the 42nd Fiesta de las Cuadrillas on the 26th January 2020. The Fiesta de las Cuadrillas can be roughly translated as the festival of the crews, it is primarily a folklore fiesta and has recently been declared as being of National Tourist Interest.

The fiesta began in 1978 and was the bright idea of the pastor and teacher Ramón García and Jesús María García Barranda. They hoped to create an annual event which would keep alive the traditions of the past. It was the first festival of its type in Spain and lead to the revitalisation of many traditional art forms. The 'Cuadrillas' or 'crews' are formed by between 6 and 15 people all of whom sing and play either string, wind or percussion instruments.

For more information and the complete programme take a look at the official website. The main day is Sunday 26th January, when the groups preform at 11:30 and 16:30.

Sunday 26th January
10:30 Presentation ceremony announcing the start of the fiesta.
11:30-14:00 The cuadrillas/crews preform in Calles de Barranda
16:30 The cuadrillas/crews preform in Calla Mayor

Fiesta de las Cuadrillas Barranda 26th January 2020