Day Out Fonts del Algar

The Fonts del Algar or Fonts de L'Algar as it is also known is a series of naturally occurring waterfalls which are only 15km from Benidorm. They have become very popular in recent years and have developed into a tourist magnet or trap – you decide!

For the most scenic route, take the road which passes through the small village of Polop, where you can stop for a coffee. Once you have successfully parked at the waterfalls, follow the other tourists to either of the two entrances. After paying you can explore the river, waterfalls and pools at your leisure as they are open from morning until dusk. Walk along beside the river, swim (at your own risk) in the rock pools, dangle your feet in the flowing water, enjoy your picnic or find a quiet spot to sit under the pine trees. You can exit by following the path uphill behind the first aid station, this takes you to the arboretum, picnic area and museum of the environment. The museum houses various exhibits about the local flora and fauna as well as a gift shop! Further up the hill there is a botanical garden with over 500 different species of cactus and succulents and some Dinosaur statues!