Torrevieja Printers and Curiosities Museum

La Imprenta en Torrevieja - Miguel Áraez Suárez

A new museum has opened in Torrevieja. It is called the La Imprenta en Torrevieja Museografica y Curiosidades, which directly translates as Printing in Torrevieja, Museum of Graphics and Curiosities. The museum houses over 10,000 objects most of which are to do with the history of printing, like a press from 1888, an astounding array of printing blocks with a variety of fonts as well as more modern type writers. There are also some non printing related items such as a sewing machine, record player, coffee machine, scales and a wireless.

It is situated on Calle Bazan at number 53 and is open for visits every Tuesday 10:30-13:30 and 17:00-19:00. Take a look at the video for a tour of the museum.