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What's on Newsletter 21st February 2021

EuroTourGuide Positive Place 21st February 2021
The EuroTourGuide Coach Tours Positive Place this week is a scenic drive along the coastal road between Santa Pola and Gran Alacant including stops off along the route and a visit to the Clot de Galvany Nature Park.
These are the map coordinates and the link for the starting and finishing points of the scenic drive. It is a two lane road which can be driven in either direction, but take care as it is very popular with cyclists. There are lots of parking pull in places, so stop where you like to enjoy the views, or take a walk through the pine forests below the cliffs, or along the coves and rural beaches. We stopped at the CIMAR and at the Ermita de Nuestra Senora del Rosario.
The car park for the Clot de Galvany is accessed from the road along a one lane gravelled track. The picnic tables are right beside the car park and the two walking routes start from here. The red route No1, is about 3.5km and although it starts and finishes in the same place it is not totally circular. It is easy walking, but the the route is not that well marked, so you need to use your sense of direction. The blue route No2, was closed when we were filming. It incorporates the red route and extends it to a distance of around 8.5km
Both routes can be viewed on the Clot de Galvany website, but there is an error on their website that stops links working. So do a search for Clot de, then go to 'Como Ver'  then 'Rutas' then select the route. 
Don't forget your camera to take your photo for the EuroTourGuide Facbook Page or Coach Tour Facebook Group.