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Elche CF v Athletic Club Tickets for Season Ticket Holders

EuroTourGuide Coach Tours Elche CF v Athletic Club Tickets for Season Ticket Holders
Elche CF have announced that Season Ticket Holders can now book their places for the first match of the season at the Martinez Valero on Monday the 16th August at 22:00 against Athletic Club.
You can only apply for your ticket from Wednesday 11th August at 10:00 until Thursday the 12th August at 20:00. Up to 4 season ticket holders, with tickets for the same category of seating may sit together.
In order to make your reservation, please follow these instructions.
  1. Access the website and click on Area del Abonada, or click here
  2. In the second box, where it says Si ya estas registrado, type in the first box your email address and in the second box you password, then click the box below which says accesso
  3. Click on Solicitud de Entradas, on the right hand side, just above the photo of the Elche CF flag
  4. In the box where there is a picture of the fans at the stadium, click on Apuntarme.
  5. A box will pop up with your code, note this number down
  6. If you want to sit beside another season ticket holder you need to put their email address and then their password in two boxes, then click the box which says Somos Convivientes (obligatorio), then click on Inscribir
The club will then email your ticket for this match to you (not immediately, but before the match). You must bring this ticket to the stadium.
For people who are unable to make the reservation online, then you can visit the club on both Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00. You must then collect your ticket from the club on either Saturday 10:00-14:00 or Monday from 10:00 until the start of the match.