Santa Pola Fiesta Virgin of Loreto

The Fiesta of the Virgin of Loreto is celebrated on the 10th December 2019 at 20:00 in the port at Santa Pola.

The legend is that on the 10th December 1643 due to a sever storm, a boat carry a statue of Our Lady of Loreto was forced to stop at the port in Santa Pola. Once the stormed had finished, the boat left to continue it's journey, only to be turned back by the storm another two times! The villagers, fishermen and sailors all took this as a sign that Our Lady of Loreto wanted to stay in Santa Pola.

The celebrations are a re-enactment (hopefully without the actual storm) of the event. It features a theatrical performance of the sailors handing over the statue to the authorities of the town, followed by a procession from the port to the castle-fortress of Santa Pola.

Santa Pola Virgen de Loreto Fiesta 10th December 2019