Rojales Moors & Christians

The Moors and Christians Fiesta will take place in Rojales from the 16th June to the 1st July 2018. The Moors and Christians fiesta is held every year to coincide with the celebrations for the patron saint; San Pedro Apostol. The complete programme is in the brochure below in English on pages 25 to 27, the main events are:
Saturday 16th June
21:00 Presentation of the Captains and Flag Bearers in the Capitol Theater
Sunday 17th June
12:30 El Chupinazo, rocket to announce the start of the Fiesta in the Plaza de Espana
14:00 Grand Mascelta in the Malecon del Soto
Tuesday 21st June
22:00 Correfocs (hand held firework parade) from the Plaza de Espana finishing at the Hoguera on the corner of Calle Maestro Jose Serrano and Calle Maestro Ventura.
Saturday 23rd June
20:00 Flower Offering Parade from the Centro Salud in Rojales

Wednesday 27th June
20:00 Firing of the blunderbusses from the Plaza beside the Archaeologica Museum followed by the act of the taking of the castle and speeches by the Berebers and the Contrabandistas.
Thursday 28th June
22:30 Charanga (Summer Carnival Parade) with the Moors and Christians participating
Friday 29th June
All day the Giants and Big Heads parade around the streets accompanied by the dulzainas (little clarinets) and drums.
09:00 Parade by the La Lira Music Band through the streets of Rojales.
21:00 Solemn procession with the statue of San Pedro followed by a magnificent firework display.
Saturday 30th June
20:00 Parade of the Music Bands.
21:00 Grand Parade of the Moors and Christians.
Sunday 1st July
21:00 Grand Parade of the Moors and the Christians, followed by the closing speeches for the fiesta.
Rojales Moors & Christians Fiesta 16th June - 1st July 2018