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Murcia Tres Culturas Festival

For the 20th time the city of Murcia is hosting the Festival of the Three Cultures, or in Spanish Fiesta de Tres Culturas from Friday 10th to Saturday 25th May 2019. The programme is a great mix of music, dance, concerts, cinema, exhibitions and art from all over the world. The aim of the celebration is to create peace and harmony between people of different creed and culture and to send out a message a solidarity, respect and tolerance.
All of the performances are free to go and watch, it is just a question of turning up early enough to get seats! We've listed the concerts and music and dance performances along with their dates, times and locations. For the complete programme and more information about each group, take a look at the official wesite.
Friday 10th May
22:00 Eleftheria Arvanitaki in the Plaza Belluga
Wednesday 15th May
20:30 La Marada in the Iglesia de San Bartolome
Thursday 16th May
20:00 Mujeres Mediterraneas in the Museo de las Claras
20:30 Juan de la Rubia in the Iglesia del Carmen 
21:30 Youssef el Housseini in the Plaza Apostoles
Friday 17th May
20:00  NES in the Museo de las Claras
22:00 Yaila in the Plaza de los Apóstoles
Saturday 18th May
20:30 Trio Nigriz Fathi Benyakoub in the Museo de la Ciudad
22:00 Quintato Osama Abdulrasol in the Plaza de los Apóstoles
23:30 Besarabia in the Molinos del Rio
Wednesday 22nd May
20:30 Demusica Ensemble in the Iglesia de la Merced
21:30 Victoria Cava in the Claustro de la Merced
Thursday 23rd May
20:30 Artefactum in the Iglesia de San MIguel
21:30 Yaron Pe'er & leat Sabbah in the Claustro de la Merced
Friday 24th May
20:30 Al Mutamid in the Plaza de Europa
22:00 Emma Lamadji & Heavenly Praise in the Plaza Belluga
Saturday 25th May
12:30 Al Maqam along Avenida Alfoncso X el Sabio 
13:30 Al Mawror along Avenida Alfoncso X el Sabio 
19:30 Periferia along Avenida Libertad
20:30 Quartetoukan Ensemble in the Plaza de Europa
22:00 Farruquito in the  Plaza Belluga