Jacarilla Fiesta Virgen del Belen

The town of Jacarilla will be in fiesta from the 30th August to the 9th September 2019 as they honour their patron saint the Virgen de Belen. The programme includes parades, concerts, flower offering, traditional ribbon race, partying, fancy dress parade and fireworks.
Friday 30th August
20:25 Opening of the fiesta with fireworks in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
20:30 Parade of the Bands to collect the Fiesta Queens
21:00 Coronation of the Fiesta Queens and Inaugural Speeches at the Recinto de Fiesta.
Saturday 31st August
12:00 Grand Children’s Mascletas in the Parque de la Pinada
21:00 Fancy Dress Parade along Avda. de la Paz
Sunday 1st September
18:00 Traditional Ribbon Race from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
22:30 Variety Concert 
Wednesday 4th September
22:00 ABBA Tribute Concert
Thursday 5th September
22:00 Concert by the Coral Virgen de Belen de Jacarilla
Friday 6th September
22:00 Grand Fiesta Concert by the Union Musical de Jacarilla
Saturday 7th September
20:00 Flower Offering Parade in honour of the patron saint Virgen de Belen from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
00:00 Solemn Serenata in honour of the Virgen de Belen in the Plaza de la Iglesia.
Sunday 8th September
11:00 Parade of the Music Bands
20:30 Solemn Procession in honour of the Virgen de Belen, followed by a fireworks display
Sunday 22nd September
10:00 Classic Motorbike meeting
Jacarilla Fiesta Virgen del Belen 30th August - 9th September 2019