Elche Living Nativity

The 42nd Living Nativity Scene will take place in Elche City this Christmas. On the 25th, 29th, 30th and 31st December 2022 and on the 6th January 2023 you will be able to visit the Nativity scene in the Parque Deportivo along the Passeig de l’Estació, i front of the Parque Municipal.
The animals are real and the characters will be acted by members of the Pobladores, a group of folk actors. The scene, with the manager as the main focus, will occupy an area of 3000 m2 in the Palacio de Altamira (between the tourist office, the municipal palm park and the cathedral). Over 40 people will be involved in creating a 1st century Bethlehem including; Roman legionaries, kings, concubines, notaries, shopkeepers, innkeepers, preachers, thieves, lepers and a whole host of other characters.
Sunday 25th December 12:00-13:45
Thursday 29th December 11:30-14:00 & 17:30-20:30
Friday 30th December 17:30-20:30
Saturday 31st December 11:30-14:00 
Friday 6th January 11:30-14:00
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