Elche CF Matches 22/23 Season

Elche CF's fixtures for the 2022/23 season. 
All weekend matches are listed with the Sunday date, but they could be either Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. All midweek matches are listed with the Wednesday date, but they could be either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. La Liga publishes the actual dates and times a few weeks in advance. 
Jornada 1. Real Beits v Elche CF Monday 15th August 21:30 
Jornada 2. Elche CF v UD Almeria Monday 22nd August 20:00
Jornada 3. Elche CF v Real Sociedad Saturday 27th August 17:30 
Jornada 4. Villarreal v Elche CF Sunday 4th September 18:30
Jornada 5. Elche CF v Athletic Club  Sunday 11th September 16:15
Jornada 6. Barcelona v Elche CF Saturday 17th September 16:15 
Jornada 7. Real Vallecano v Elche CF Monday 3rd October 21:00 
Jornada 8. Elche CF v RCD Mallorca Monday 10th October 21:00
Jornada 9. Valencia CF v Elche CF Saturday 15th October 16:15
Jornada 10. Elche CF- Real Madrid Wednesday 19th October 21:00
Jornada 11. RCD Espanyol v Elche CF Sunday 23rd October 14:00
Jornada 12. Elche CF v Getafe Monday 31st October 21:00
Jornada 13. Real Valladolid v Elche CF Saturday 5th November 16:15
Jornada 14. Elche CF v Girona Tuesday 8th November 19:00
Jornada 15. Athletic Madrid v Elche CF Thursday 29th December 21:30
Jornada 16. Elche CF v RC Celta Friday 6th January 18:30
Jornada 17. Cadiz CF v Elche CF Monday 16th January 21:00
Jornada 18. Elche CF v Osasuna Sunday 22nd January 16:15
Jornada 19. Sevilla CF v Elche CF Saturday 28th January 18:30
Jornada 20. Elche CF v Villareal CF Saturday 4th February 16:15
Jornada 21. Real Madrid v Elche CF Wednesday 15th February 21:00
Jornada 22. ElcheCF v RCD Espanyol Sunday 19th February 14:00
Jornada 23. Elche CF v Real Betis Friday 24th February 21:00 
Jornada 24. RCD Mallorca v Elche CF Saturday 4th March 18:30
Jornada 25. Elche CF v Real Valladolid Saturday 11th March 16:15
Jornada 26. Real Sociedad v Elche CF Sunday 19th March 16:15
Jornada 27. Elche CF v FC Barcelona Saturday 1st April 21:00
Jornada 28. Osasuna v Elche CF Saturday 8th April 14:00
Jornada 29. Girona v Elche CF Sunday 16th April 14:00
Jornada 30. Elche CF v Valencia CF Sunday 23rd April 14:00
Jornada 31. RC Celta v Elche CF Wednesday 26th April 22:00
Jornada 32. Elche CF v Real Vallecano Saturday 29th April 16:15
Jornada 33. UD Almeria v Elche CF Tuesday 2nd May 19:30
Jornada 34. Elche CF v Athletico Madrid Sunday 14th May 16:15
Jornada 35. Getafe CF v Elche CF Saturday 20th May 18:30
Jornada 36. Elche CFv Sevilla Wednesday 24th May 19:30
Jornada 37. Athletic Club v Elche CF Sunday 28th May 19:00
Jornada 38. Elche CF v Cadiz Sunday 4th June 19:00
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