Crevillent Easter Parades

The town of Crevillent has a fantastic programme for its Easter celebrations. The parades have been declared as being of International Tourist Interest, which is the highest possible accolade. There will be daily processions from Sabado de Pasion on the 9th April until Domingo de Resurraccion, Easter Sunday on the 17th April 2022.
In the brochure below is the programme, in English, including the route of each parade and the statues which will be carried during the procession as well as a short description of the procession. The best parades to watch are the 'big' processions on Good Friday at 06:00, 11:00 and 20:30 and on Easter Sunday at 11:00. For more information take a look at the official PDF of the Semana Santa programme at the bottom.
Saturday 9th April Sabado de Pasion
20:15 Procession del Convocatoria
Palm Sunday 10th April Domingo de Ramos
10:30 Blessing of the Palm and the Procession of the Entrada de Jesus en Jerusalen
Holy Tuesday 12th April Martes Santo
22:30 Procession de Penitencia
Holy Wednesday 13th April Miercoles Santo
19:00 Concentration of all of the 16 statues at the Templo Ntra. Sra. De Belen. The statues are carried along various routes through Crevillent to the church ready for the evening parade.
22:15 Procesión de la Pasión de Cristo (involves all 16 statues)
Holy Thursday 14th April Jueves Santo
21:00 Procession de la Vía Crucis
Good Friday 15th April Viernes Santo
06:00 Procession subida del Calvario
11:00 Procession bajada del Calvario
20:30 Procession Muerte de Cristo
Holy Saturday 16th April Sabado Santo
20:30 Procession Santo Entierro de Cristo
Easter Sunday 17th April Domingo de Pascua
11:30 Procession del Encuentro during which bells are rung, doves are released and the Hallelujahs are sung
Semana Santa Easter Parade Procession Programme Crevillent 2022