Alicante Santa Faz Pilgrimage

The annual Santa Faz pilgrimage takes place on Thursday the 12th April 2018 when around 250,000 people walk from the Cathedral of St. Nicholas to the Monastery of Santa Faz near San Juan.

This pilgrimage honours the religious relic, a piece of cloth used by Veronica to wipe the face of Jesus as he carried his cross, which is kept by the nuns at the monastery. At 08:00 the procession leaves the cathedral in the centre of Alicante. All of the participants carry a cane with a sprig of Rosemary at the top and, mainly following the Avenida de Denia, walk the 8km. There are stops along the route where you can sample the mistela (sweet wine) and the Alicante anise rolls. It is tradition to wear a black shirt and a neckerchief with Alicante colours: white and blue and of course comfortable shoes and a sun hat are a must.

Once the pilgrimage arrives at the monastery at about 10:00, there will be a mass in honour of the relic. Then there are buses to transport you back to the centre of Alicante or you can stay and enjoy the craft market which accompanies this 500 year old tradition.