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Alicante Carnival

Alicante city will be celebrating the Carnival from the 20th February to the 1st March 2020. The main Adult Party is on Saturday the 22nd at 22:00 along the Rambla, but there are also other events to enjoy!
Thursday 20th February 
21:30 Correfocs, Ball de Diables and Arriba del Mono Parade from Plaza 25 de Mayo, Calderón de la Barca, Alfonso X El Sabio, Rambla Méndez Núñez, General Primo de Rivera, Virgen de Belén, Abad Nájera finishing in the Plaza del Carmen.
Friday 21st February 
21:30 Opening Speeches in the Plaza del Carmen
Saturday 22nd February
22:00 Adult Carnival Party on the Rambla Mendea Nunez
Tuesday 25th February  
21:30 The act of 'Jui d’en Carnestoltes' in the Plaza del Carmenl followed by the Procession del Pelele from the Plaza del San Cristrobel to the Plaza de Santa Faz and then to the Plaza del Carmen, followed by the burning of the Pelele.
Wednesday 26th February
21:00 Funeral Parade for the Sardine from the Plaza Espana to the Plaza del Carmen
23:00 Burning of the Sardine in the Plaza del Carmen.
Alicante Carnival 20th-26th February 2020