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Agost Craft and Gastronomic Fair

The 20th Craft and Gastronomic Fair will take place in Agost from the 9th to the 12th October 2021. The fair, known in Spanish as XX Feria Artesanal y Gastronómica de Agost, has been held annually since 2002 and every year it has improved, developed and grown so now includes all types of crafts and food. Agost is famous for its potteries, there are still ten potteries in operation today all of which use traditional techniques to make a wide range of ceramic goods.
There are many exhibitions, workshops, presentations, demonstrations, shows, activities and music during the 5 days of the fair. Take a look at the brochure on the link below for the complete programme of all of these.
Agost 16th Craft and Gastronomic Fair 9th-12th October 2021