The little town of Teulada is well renowned for the cultivation of the Muscatel Grape which is used to produce wine and raisins. The hillsides around the town were terraced by the occupying Moors who also put in the intricate irrigation systems. Grapes, almonds and citrus fruits are still grown in abundance, although agriculture is no longer the main source of income as tourism has taken its place.

Teulada is the seat of the town hall for the area, but it is its coastal region; Moraira just 6 kilometres away, which is now better known. The tranquil town of Moraira is one of the most unspoilt coastal towns of the Marina Alta area, and has an exclusive affluent feel to it. The pretty marina is the heart of the town, the beach front promenade is a delight with its tiny castle and there is a selection of rocky and sandy beaches.