Javea / Xabia

Javea, known as Xabia in Valencian, is a pretty holiday resort town which has something for everyone. It is situated in a wide bay between the rocky headlands of the Cap de San Antoni and Cap de La Nao, both of which have their very own lighthouses. The bright blue Mediterranean Sea boarders Javea to the east and provides an abundance of rocky and sandy beaches as well as steep cliffs with spectacular viewpoints. Since the 1970's the cliffs of the two 'Caps' have become packed with villas, some of which have been built on unimaginable inclines. It has become a popular place for affluent northern European expatriates to purchase retirement villas and the town has an active expatriate flavour .

The historic centre is situated a few kilometres inland as its original inhabitants feared attacks from marauding pirates. The Church of Sant Bartomeu which dates back to the late 14th century is the centre piece of Javea's historic quarter and the narrow streets with their wrought iron balconies, large wooden front doors and stone porticoes add to its charm.