Javea Carnival

Javea will be enjoying their Carnival Parades on Saturday the 22nd February 2020. The children will parade at 17:00 whilst the adult parade will start much later at 23:30!
Saturday 22nd February
17:00 Children's Carnival Parade from the Plaça Constitució, along Carrer del Oms,  Placeta del Convent, Carrer Major, Carrer Llotgeta, Carrer Roques, Ronda Nord, Princep d'Asturies, Carrer Bonarire finishing in the Pl. Constitució, it will be followed by a special show for the children.
23:00 Adult's Carnival Parade from the Plaçeta del Convent, along Ronda Colón, Ronda Sud, Ronda Nord, Princep d'Asturies, Bonaire finishing in the Plaça de la Constitució, where there will be a mobile disco until 04:30.
Javea Xabia Carnival 22nd February 2020