Denia Folk Dance Festival

The XXVIII Mostra Internacional De Dansa Folklòrica will take place in Denia from the 29th August to the 1st September 2019.  The aim of the International Festival of Folk Dancing is to promote the traditional dances, songs, music and costumes of the countries of the world. It is also to encourage people to take part in conserving traditions and customs. All performances are free to watch and will take place in Calle la Via. The English version of the programme for the 28th International Folklore Dance Festival is:
Thursday 29th August 
22:00 Grupo de Danza Folklórica Kud Dule Milosavljevic from Serbia
Friday 30th August
22:00 Grupo Yunist Podillya from Ucrania
Saturday 31st August
22:00 Grupo Municipal de Coros y Danzas de Baz from Granada, Spain
Sunday 9th September
21:00 Group Dianium Dansa from Denia
Denia XXVIII Mostra Internacional De Dansa Folklòrica International Festival of Folklore Dancing 2019