Benidorm Fallas

Benidorm will be celebrating the Fallas from the 15th to the 19th March 2020. This traditional fiesta marks St Joesphs Day, the 19th of March, which is also Fathers Day in Spain. On the 15th March it is the 'planta' when the ninots are placed or planted in the streets. The 'ninots' are intricate papermachie statues which have been made by local associates throughout the year. The Ninots colectively make up a Fallas. These 'fallas' are then burned in an event known as the 'crema' on the evening of the 19th March.
Sunday 15th March Planta
Throughout the day the ninots will be placed in the following location, after which they will be known as fallas.
Falla Benidorm: Plaza de la Hispanidad.
Falla Rincón de Loix: Av. Ametlla de Mar (opposite Burger King).
Falla Els Tolls: Calle Tomás Ortuño
Wednesday 18th March
12:00 Parade around the Fallas
18:00 Flower Offering to the Virgen del Sufragio, followed by a firework display. Route: Mediterráneo, Bilbao, Alcoy, Martínez Alejos, Plaza de la Cruz, Alameda del
Alcalde D. Pedro Zaragoza, Mayor and Plaza de San Jaime finishing in Palza Castelar for the fireworks.
Thursday 19th March Saint Joseph´s Day
14:00 Mascleta day time rockets and fire crackers at all three Fallas.
18:30 Big Parade of Floats. Route: Marqués de Comillas, Almendros, Marte, Venus, Ruzafa, Martínez Alejos and Avenue Alcoy.
23:00 Crema or burning of the children Fallas: Benidorm, Rincón de Loix and Els Tolls.
00:00 Crema or burning of the Falla Rincón de Loix.
00:30 Crema or burning of the Falla Benidorm.
01:00 Crema or burning of the Falla Els Tolls.
Benidorm Fallas 15th-19th March 2020