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Murcia Christmas Activities

There are lots of exciting activities and events in Murcia during the 2019/20 Christmas season throughout the city.
Grand Christmas Tree
This is located in the Plaza Circular and has activities everyday for the children. It has a 10 minute audio visual display everyday from the 1st December to the 6th January at 20:00 and 21:30 and a preformance most evenings.
Municipal Nativity
This is located in the Palacio Episcopal in the main Cathedral Square. It is open during the following hours from the 8th December until the 6th January:
Monday to Friday 09:00-13:30 & 17:00-22:00
Saturdays, Sundays & Fiestas: 10:00-13:30 & 17:00-22:00
Christmas Eve & New Years Eve: 09:00-13:30
Christmas Market
This is located in the Gloriets de Espania and is open from the 15th December to the 3rd January. It has a projection show everyday at 19:00 and 21:30.
Thursday 5th December
19:30 Switch on of the Christmas Lights starting from the Plaza de Constitucion
Saturday 7th December
18:30 Switch on of the Christmas Tree in the Plaza Circular
Sunday 15th December
10:30 Choirs Meeting in the Plaza Belluga followed by concerts in the different plazas of the cities at 12:00
Friday 20th December
19:30 Christmas Rock Concert in the Plaza Belluga
21:00 El Mesias de Haendel in the Cathedral by the Orquesta Sinfonica de la UCAM
Saturday 21st December
18:00 Father Christmas arrives into the Plaza Belluga
19:00 Father Christmas Parade from Plaza Belluga along Calle Salzillo, Traperia finishing in Plaza Santa Domingo
Tuesday 24th December
12:00 Grand Father Christmas Parade. Route: C/ Proclamación, Sacerdotes Hermanos Cerón, Alameda de Colón, Av. Canalejas, Puente Viejo, Pza. Martínez Tornel, C/ Tomás Maestre, Glorieta de España, C/ Arenal, Cardenal Belluga, Pza. Apóstoles, Isidoro de la Cierva, Pza Cetina, Alejandro Séiquer, Plaza Santo Domingo, C/ Santa Clara
Monday 31st December
23:30 New Years Eve party and ringing of the Cathedral bells in the Glorieta de Espana.
Friday 3rd Jaunary & Saturday 4th January
19:00 & 20:00 Spectacular Laser Show in the Plaza de Belluga
Sunday 5th January
10:00 Roscons (3,000 Christmas Biscuits) plus presents and prizes will be given out in the Glorieta de Espana
12:30 Welcoming of the Three Kings at the Town Hall
18:00 Three Kings Parade. Route: Avda. San Juan de la Cruz, Torre de Romo, Alameda de Colón, Gran Vía Salzillo, Pza. Circular, Alfonso X el Sabio finishing on Avda. Gutiérrez Mellado. They finish at the nativity scene where they make a symbolic offering of their gifts as well as collecting the present cards which have been written by the children from the post box in the Plaza Santo Domingo
Murcia City Christmas New Years & Three Kings 2019/18