Algorfa Fiesta Virgen del Carmen

2019The inland Vega Baja town of Algorfa have put together a great programme for the fiesta of the Virgen del Carmen. The celebrations start on the 9th July with something happening daily until the 18th July 2021. This year programme has been adapted for the Covid situation, below are the main highlights and the complete programme can be viewed in the PDF.
Friday 9th July
20:30 Music Band Parade with starter gun to mark the beginning of the fiesta and a concert by Cuentame in the Plaza de Espania
Saturday 10th July
Parade during the morning through the streets by the Brass Band
22:00 Concert by the Beatles tribute Band followed by Disco in the Plaza de Espania
Sunday 11th July
09:30 Firing of Rockets at the Hermitage, which will be open all day for visitors
22:00 Comedy Play in the Plaza de Espania
Monday 12th July
22:00 Flamenco Show in the Plaza de Espania
Tuesday 13th July
22:00 Grand Concert by the Music and Cultural Orchestra in the Plaza de Espania
Wednesday 14th July
22:00 Play in the Plaza de Espania
Thursday 15th July
20:30 Parade by the Music Band around Algorfa
Friday 16th July
09:00 Ringing of the Church Bells
11:00 Music and Cultural Orchestra will lead a costume Parade through Algorfa
21:00 Mass followed by a Firework display
23:00 Live Music and Comedy Act in the Plaza de Espania
Saturday 17th July
22:00 Tribute Concert to Pop Rock from the 80's and 90's in the Plaza de Espania
Below is the pre covid programme, an example of the normal celebrations which take place annually. 
Friday 6th July
20:30 Ceremony for the coronation of the Fiesta Queens and the opening speeches for the fiesta in the Plaza de Espana
00:00 Opening of the Barraca (fair/party ground) with a mobile disco.
Saturday 7th July
13:00 Chupinazo, firecrackers in the Plaza de Espana
Sunday 8th July
08:30 Romeria (short pilgrimage) from the church with the statue of the Virgen del Carmen accompanied by the Alandra choir to the Ermita (hermitage) where mass is celebrated, after which there will be sardines and beer during a performance by the Santa Cecilia choir.
14:00 Paella Contest at the Ermita.
19:30 The pilgrimage will return from the Ermita
22:00 Dancing performance by the Desiree School of Dance in the Plaza de Espana.
Monday 9th July
19:00 Ribbon Race
Tuesday 10th July
22:00 Concert by the Sociedad Musical y Cultural de Algorfa in the Plaza de Espana.
Thursday 12th July
22:00 Dance Festivl by the Mary Girona Academy in the Plaza de Espana.
Saturday 14th July
20:30 Grand Mulit Coloured Fancy Dress Parade
Sunday 15th July
11:00 Exhibition of Classic Motorcycles in the Plaza de Espana
20:30 Floral Offering 
Monday 16th July Day of the Virgen del Carmen
11:00 Parade of the fiesta queens, other dignitaries and the music band from the town hall to the church.
12:00 Mass.
21:00 Solemn Parade with the statue of the virgen, the fiesta queens and other dignitaries through the streets of the town, followed by a large firework display.
23:00 Variety Show in the Plaza Espana
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