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Agost Danses del Rei Moro

The Danses del Rei Moro is an unique fiesta which takes place from the 26th December to the 1st January every year in Agost. It involves traditional dancing, music and costumes and is mainly preformed by the teenagers! The fiesta tells a story about the Moorish King and Queen, with different acts being showcased on different days. The people involved are:
  • the dancers or ballaors, young people who have reached adulthood during the year, these are the protagonists.
  • the naranjeros, are the sixteen-year olds,
  • the quintos or acompanaors are the previous year’s dancers or ballaors, these are the defenders of the Moorish King.
The fiesta takes place from the 26th December 2018 to the 1st January 2019 and the programme is:
Thursday 26th December
17:30 The dancers, dressed in light satin, with flowers on their heads and traditional ornamental combs in their hair, preform the first dances in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
Friday 27th December Nits dels Coets
17:30 Traditional Dancing
21:30 – 06:00 A serenade is sung to the Moorish Queen, after which the Moorish King occupies a space under a canopy carried by the danseros and protected by the acompañaors as they parade through the town, while everyone lets off fireworks and rockets, which are in turn met with rockets that the acompañaors and the danseros ignite. In the end, the canopy is burnt and the Moorish King departs.Then the danseros climb the trees and balconies around the Town Hall square, where they hang strings of oranges, which on January 1st the naranjeros will try to retrieve.
Saturday 28th December
17:30 In the afternoon the Moorish King, accompanied by the Moorish Queen and ballaor couples, makes his triumphant entry into the square, exhibiting his courage by continuously dancing to dolçaina and tabalet music. While dancing, onlookers shower them with cartutxaes or paperaes, bags of sweets and sugar coated almonds or peladillas, as they try to remove the king’s turban and force him to flee. The acompañaors or the King’s guardians respond, and a battle ensues.
Sunday 29th December 
17:30 Traditional Dancing
Monday 30th December 
17:30 Traditional Dancing
Wednesday 1st January
17:30 The last day of the festivity, the naranjeros climb the trees and balconies and untie the orange laden strings. In this way, they earn their place as a protagonists in next year’s celebration.
Agost Danses del Rei Moro 26th December 2019 - 1st January 2020