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Ibi Els Enfarinats Fiesta

Ibi will host its annual Winter Fiesta which includes the Els Enfarinats, a massive flour and egg fight, on the 28th December 2019!
Ibi celebrates one of the wackiest fiestas of the region on the 28th December every year to coincide with the Day of the Innocents. It is called the Els Enfarinats which roughly means the Fiesta of the Floured One and mainly involves a massive flour and egg fight! This fiesta is over 200 years old and has been declared as being of Regional Tourist Interest, so is well worth witnessing!
The day starts early, at 8am when the Els Enfarinats, dressed in a comical array of military based uniforms, take control of Ibi. They hold a race to elect their Mayor who then presides over the activities in the Plaça de l'Església (Church Square). The opposition is called the Casats i Fadrins and once everyone is in place the fighting begins and the church plaza of Ibi becomes a battle field. The weapons are primarily flour and eggs, but also involved are foaming fire extinguishers, fire crackers and rockets! The two sides continually pelt each other and gradually the whole central plaza becomes a big white cloud of flour! The fighters are not overly concerned about who they actually hit, so spectators often become involved in the scuffle.
The main events are listed below or take a look at the brochure for all of the information.
Saturday 28th December
08:00 The Els Enfarinats activities start, the fight begins at 10:00 and continues until 12:00.
17:00 Traditional Dancing along Carrer de les Eres
Monday 30th December
17:00 Traditional Dancing along Carrer de les Eres